‘Despite being an excellent all-round package, the SC is a 911 wallflower’

For Late 1977 the Porsche 911’s evolution took a logical turn. Previously the domain of the Carrera 3, the expanded 3.0-litre flat-six was standardised, and a single model designation. SC, was used for all normally aspirated 91 Is.

The 911 SC produced 180bhp, leaving those after more performance a simple choice – buy the Turbo. The revised engine was a development of the Carrera’s and incorporated a new crankshaft, and larger main- and big-end bearings.

The toughened bottom end was under-stressed in the SC, promising excellent long-term reliability. The SC’s arrival also marked the standardisation of a five-speed gearbox, as well as a more comfort-oriented interior (formerly optional items such as electric windows and air conditioning were made standard). Externally, the impact bumpers, deletion of exterior chrome and body-coloured mirrors gave the 911SC a much less classical look that was in tune with the times.

Porsche 911 SC‘PRICE £6000 – £12, 000″

 For 1981 the power output was upped to 204bhp, and in doing so became the optimal sleeper 911. It might have sold through the depths of a recession, but the uprated SC hit the sweet spot – and it survived the downturn unscathed. It also proved popular enough to encourage a management turnaround on the 911.

Ernst Fuhrmann – a supporter of the 924/928 – was replaced at the head of the company by German-American Peter Schutz, and the new man immediately ploughed development funds into the 911. The plan bore fruit: first with the arrival of the convertible and then, ultimately, the 3.2-litre Carrera. Despite being an excellent all-round package, the SC remains a 911 wallflower – and values are a fraction of those of similarly performing, or slower, slim-bumper cars. In fact, with prices starting at well under £10,000 land £14,000 being the absolute top-line], there’s an awful lot to recommend it, especially if you go for one of the later 210bhp cars (146mph, 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds! that will stimulate your synapses just like any other 911.

Again, just like the ‘74 Carrera, our advice is to buy before the rest of the world catches on.