Pierce Brosnan’s favourite one in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’

2001 BMW 740i

 With a wheelbase of 115 or 121 inches, depending on “i” or “iL” model designation, the E38 7-Series was a massive, imposing automobile. Despite its size and limousine luxury, like all BMWs, it benefited from M-Power technology and had the heart of a true sports sedan as well. Equipped with the desirable “Sport Package” (introduced in 1999), the 7-Series came with 18-inch “M” wheels with performance tires (wider at the rear), a Steptronic transmission, sport suspension, contoured sport seats, Shadowline exterior trim, Vavona redwood interior trim and a sport steering wheel. The 4.4-liter V8 has enough power to push the 740 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds – an extraordinary time for a two-ton car!

[heading style=”1″]The ultimate in BMW muscle and style[/heading]

The final production year model for this generation 7-Series comes with a list of standard features which is longer than ever before and includes everything from a moonroof to an infrared-reflecting windshield and all the features BMW owners have come to expect, such as climate control and a premium sound system. In fact, with 18-inch split-spoke wheels and silver finish, it would be virtually identical in appearance to the heavily modified 7-series the actor Pierce Brosnan drove (from the backseat!) in the 1997 James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

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